Sophie Widman

Actress. Singer. Spunky.

I've always enjoyed theatre.

Being raised by two actor parents, I grew up around the arts. Because of my background, I was immediately drawn to audition for a Ripon theatre production.

Despite my passion for theatre, I was very nervous because this was my first college show. When I walked into auditions, I felt my stomach sink down and my head was spinning.



Ripon's welcoming nature began to set her at ease.

I was so shocked to hear people calling professors by their first names.

I walked in prepared to address the directors as Professor Hill and Professor Amsden, but as I came in I heard other upperclassmen saying: "Hey Bob! Oh Ken! How was your summer?" 

When it was my turn I was intimidated, but pushed through my fears. Once we got up on stage and I started the scene, all my nerves vanished. I felt alive, and everything else disappeared. My mind was clear and I was up there doing what I love to do.



"Do what makes you feel comfortable, but do not be afraid to push yourself."

Since then I've spent a lot of time in the theatre department. I've sung and danced and taken fun and exciting classes from improv to stage makeup. Theatre has changed me by letting me be me and following my passion no matter what stands in my way or by what others think of it.

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Sophie is a theatre major with a minor in music. She has been involved in six shows at Ripon, as well as the Ripon Summer Players Show. She is also a member of the Chamber Singers.