Rachel Grutza

Animal lover. Wonk. Humanitarian.

I applied to Ripon College as a last-minute decision. I was using the common application online and was searching through schools in Wisconsin when I saw Ripon. The application was free, so I submitted it. A few weeks later, my mom called me at work to tell me that I had been accepted and offered a substantial scholarship. That sealed the deal.

I am interested in working with veterans and animals. I had an internship in Madison with Ripon College alumnus Rep. Robb Kahl where I learned a great deal about legislation concerning my primary areas of interest. I also was able to pursue an internship in marketing this past summer for a local company, where I learned a lot about wholesale, website management and economics.

Rachel is the assistant editor for College Days, has been a part of the Presidential Leadership Program, and is a member of the Ripon College chapter of Amnesty International. Rachel traveled to Chicago for an Amnesty International conference with fellow Ripon College students in 2014. While at Ripon, she also has had the opportunities to travel to Washington, D.C., as part of the College's Career Discovery Tour, to Italy as part of a Liberal Arts in Focus course and to Jamaica as part of a College affiliation with the Blue Mountain Project.

"I have a huge passion for animals — specifically dogs. I have three at home, and they are such loving and smart creatures. I think everyone should have a dog!”




Rachel is an involved student. In addition to her role with the student newspaper, she has served as a resident assistant, is a mentor at the Collaborative Learning Center and belongs to the Ripon College Feminists club.

College Days, which first appeared as a monthly literary magazine in 1868, is the oldest continually published college newspaper in Wisconsin.
"I love my professors."

I am consistently impressed with the level of attention I receive from the professors at Ripon. My professors honestly care about me and my successes. Professors whom I no longer have, I can easily talk to, ask for recommendations and even suggestions for applications, jobs, papers, etc. One time, I asked a professor about a friend of mine, James, who went to Ripon about 10 years ago. The professor began talking about James in his classes as if he just taught him yesterday. He even told me to tell James to call him when he was in town so they could get a drink and catch up. That’s awesome.

I love my professors. I would not be challenging myself and exceeding my own expectations without them. Every single professor is so easy to talk to. I can talk to them before and after class, at office hours or email them, and I have never been denied the time.

The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) provides a student peer mentoring program, study and computer facilities, opportunities for faculty development, consultation for grant development and outreach programming. Mentors provide in-depth, one-on-one or group mentoring in a comfortable and casual environment.