Mitchell Eithun

Mathematician. Musician. Monopoly Player.

I really enjoy all the interaction I get not only with members of the campus community but also in Ripon itself. Just everyone I’ve met around town is fabulous. I haven’t met a grumpy person yet.

I’ve heard it once said that Ripon College has a richly personal education, and I think that is definitely the case.  As a student you get very neat interactions between other students and the faculty and staff on campus. The collaboration is just incredible. Everyone takes an interest in you, your education and what you want to do with your life and your goals.

As a math major I get to spend a lot of time with Professor Young and Professor Lamb. Professor Young is very spontaneous, being an improv comedian on the side she brings a lot of excitement to the classroom and is very passionate. Professor Lamb is more quiet but always super-accessible.



I’m also part of the newly created math club, with a goal to promote math and the cool things you can do with it on campus.  This year our club built a surface and sent it to the 3D printer and watched it print. When we model 3D surfaces in math we draw them in the plane – flat, and we can maybe draw them from a different perspective but we can never really see the whole thing at one time. When we print it in 3D;,however, we get to see all different sides of it right in front of us. It’s a really unique experience in that we actually got to see what our work looks like in real life.


"Ripon also provides a really neat opportunity to talk with people in different fields and get different ideas about the world and how you look at it." 

I’ve always loved music. I’ve always loved to participate.

I’m not a music major so I don’t practice every day but I do play the saxophone as a member of Ripon’s Jazz Ensemble and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I am also a member of a hand bell ensemble in Oshkosh. This past year we actually recorded some tracks in a church in Ripon for a new CD.

Ripon College offers any and all students the opportunity to grow as performers, whether your interest is in voice, piano, organ, harpsichord, stringed, brass, woodwind or percussion instruments. Regardless of major, students may participate in any number of performance ensembles, including the Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Choral Union, and Collegium Musicum. Students wishing to major in music may choose one of three areas of concentration: performance, history and literature-theory or music education. Music scholarships ranging from $1,000-$5,000 are available, even to those students not planning to major or minor in music.

Find out more about Fine Arts Scholarships.

70% of students participate in clubs and intramural sports.
70% of students participate in clubs and intramural sports.

In my spare time I really enjoy the Ultimate Frisbee club. We meet two days a week and we meet in different spots on campus. It really is a friendly club, everyone is welcome even if you’re not the most athletic. I’ve certainly gotten much better at Frisbee and gained a lot of friends along the way.