Kate Cichon

Inspiring. Benevolent. Fighting for a Cause.


Love Your Melon is a nonprofit effort to support children affected by cancer. Love Your Melon sells apparel to fund the fight against cancer and provides hats to children fighting cancer as well as survivors.  It is an admirable mission that Kate Cichon helped bring to Ripon College.

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“I love how this club has so much potential to help children, and not just the club alone but the entire community."

Love Your Melon is a group of students on campus who host events to help raise funds for research for children who are battling cancer. We also take household visits to children who are battling or who have beaten cancer to give them an adventure and take their mind off of the hardship they are going through.

I knew that other campuses have Love Your Melon clubs, so I decided to start one after coming to Ripon.



Ripon's Love Your Melon club has already been successful.

This year we sold more than 60 beanies on our online store, raising more than $900 for the foundations that Love Your Melon partners with. We also raised more than $100 this year for the Pinky Swear Foundation, a foundation that helps the finances of families who have children who are battling cancer.



"By being a part of this crew we can work on fighting cancer, providing funds for research, and giving children a day to have a smile on their face and hang out with college students."


Kate is a music major and education minor. She is heavily involved in the music department where she plays clarinet in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, saxophone in the Jazz Band, sings in the Choral Union, and will soon be a member of the Orchestra. She also takes clarinet, voice, and piano lessons.


At Ripon, students don't have to major in music in order to participate. Want to learn more about music groups on campus? Click here