Josh Schubring

Environmentalist. Advocate. Resourceful.

The mission is important.

I've been a member of Ducks Unlimited, a group that aims to restore and conserve wetlands and other waterfowl habitats, since childhood. 

Ducks Unlimited is focused directly on putting habitat on the ground which helps provide breeding grounds for ducks and fresh clean water for people. The benefits of protecting wetland are apparent for wildlife and humans alike.

"Money only protects the wetlands, changing a person's attitude ensures that the money we put forth is actually going to good use."

Ripon is easy to work with when starting a club.

I wanted to continue my involvement with Ducks Unlimited when I came to Ripon. Many colleges have DU chapters, and I thought that a Ripon chapter would thrive, so I decided to found one myself. The process was easy and I was offered plenty of support and resources. 

I was able to work directly with the Student Activities Director and Dean of Students when starting Ducks Unlimited, which allowed for a smooth process and the ability to determine how to best make the club successful.


"This experience has continued to develop my leadership skills and prepare me for the business world."

As a business management and economics double major, starting this chapter has been beneficial and taught me about creating a group and running an organization. This year, Ducks Unlimited had many successes. Our dinner banquet raised $8,500 for Wetlands Conservation and had raffles and games for guests to participate in, many of which included donations from downtown Ripon.

Josh Range

The chapter also held an event at the local shooting range. Twenty-five students attended, and those new to firearms learned about gun safety and the fundamentals of shooting.


In addition to Ducks Unlimited, I am involved in other various organizations on campus including: president of the Coalition of Student Organizations, secretary of Young Americans for Liberty, and communications of Young Americans for Freedom. I also play in the pep band and am a member of Campus Christian Fellowship.

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