Jorge Gutierrez

Artist. Musician. Well-Rounded.

"Being a first-generation student, coming to college was a top goal in itself; now that I am here, Ripon has allowed me to grow and pave the path to a possible career in art or psychology."

I have decided to major in psychology simply because I love learning about it. I remember sitting in Professor Joe Hatcher’s intro class and falling in love with the subject. I also am pursuing studio art as a possible major because I enjoy it and it serves as an outlet for personal growth.

"I automatically decided on Ripon the second I stepped onto the campus."

I can think back to a time with my psychology professor who was kind enough to meet me during break at a coffee shop and help me out with a paper. I thought it was amazing. I told some of my friends back home about it and they just couldn’t believe it.

The quality of the professors here at Ripon is one of the reasons why I stay. Their level of persistent care for their students is unheard of at other institutions, and that makes me proud to be a Ripon student.


For me, coming from a low-income family, school and neighborhood, I had to take finances into consideration, and Ripon College gave me the best offer.

"It’s real and it’s true: professors at small colleges do tend to care more about your academic well-being."

I was briefly part of a couple of groups on campus, including CRU, a Bible study group, and HOLA, a community outreach group. I was involved with the Blue Mountain Project my freshman year and then decided to focus on other groups. I currently hold executive positions with SMAC, the student activities group, and La Unida, a cultural and inclusion group. I also am involved with a cultural coalition between the other cultural groups on campus, and I work with the admission and residence life offices.

I like to dig myself into the unknown and the strange, which deeply influences my art. I also have expressed new interests in writing and music. I hope to further develop my art and establish myself as a better critical thinker.

There’s a certain kind of freedom that you get at a small school. For me, that freedom comes with music and art, which is something I was very passionate about in high school. I didn’t think that I was going to get the chance to do art and music while studying for the career that I wanted. That’s something that’s really possible at Ripon.



A talented artist and musician, Jorge enjoys sharing his creations — including the cover art for the College's 2015 yearbook — with the campus and Ripon community.