Jordan Stiede

Baller. Straight-A-Student. Pre-Med.

Coach Ryan Kane was one of the major reasons I came to Ripon College. He had gone to my same high school, Pulaski (Wisconsin) High School. I had a meeting with him, and we talked about what I wanted out of college. My high school team won the state championship my senior year. In college, I wanted to be on a great basketball team and make friendships I’ll have the rest of my life.

I was looking at private liberal arts colleges to attend. The liberal arts offers more of a personalized education. In other colleges, I wouldn’t feel as well-rounded. There are so many different things I can do.

One of my favorite things at Ripon College is the connection you can make with your professors. You just don’t get that at other colleges. Since it is a smaller college with smaller class sizes, it’s so much easier to make those connections.

“I love basketball. It gives me the opportunity to get away from everything and play the game I love."

I have a 4.0 grade point average, and it means a lot to me. When I’m not playing basketball, I’m studying and getting everything done. I have such great connections with my professors. If I have a question about anything, I can go right to their office and ask them for help. It’s such a great advantage for Ripon College students. At larger schools, you don’t have the same opportunities to have those really close relationships with the professors.

"At other colleges, I wouldn’t feel as well-rounded as I do at Ripon. There are so many different things I can do.”

The basketball team continues to practice on campus during winter break, but the dining hall is closed. Members of the team are welcomed into people’s homes all over the community — coaches’ homes, other professors’ homes, the president’s home, community members who are fans of the basketball team — and they make dinner for us. It shows how much of a great connection the community has with the basketball program.


In his first two seasons with the Red Hawks basketball team, Jordan played in 46 games (shooting 40 percent from the field and 93 percent from the foul line) and earned academic all-conference honors.

Jordan and other members of the men's basketball team organize at least one local service project each year. They have volunteered their time to help spruce up the apartment of a local elderly woman and completely renovated an old garage used by the Ripon Boy Scouts.



"I have such great connections with my professors."

Jordan was selected to participate in President Messitte’s “Presidential Leadership Program,” a group of 32 students who, among other things, meet monthly with the president to discuss a selected book and other societal issues.