Jill VanEperen

Baller. Teacher. Smarty Pants.

As a high school student, everyone always told me that I would be able to choose a college because “it would just feel right.”

I love the fact that Ripon College is such a small campus. The best part is that you really get to know the other students. You pass by each other on the sidewalk and you have seen them before so you say “hi” and hold the door open for each other. It’s just a very friendly atmosphere here.

Professors are able to give you one-on-one attention. I’ve had a few math classes with four or five fellow students. It forces you to participate and you have to be engaged.

Probably the most challenging class I took at Ripon was a public speaking class during my first semester freshman year. At the time, I did not like talking in front of people – at all. The class was very valuable. I find myself giving presentations in front of people now a lot more comfortably and during my clinical teaching experience I feel more at ease in front of my students.

"I wouldn’t trade the experience on the basketball team for anything. I absolutely loved it. I definitely feel that being involved in athletics has helped me in the classroom."

Academic All-American
3X Academic All-Conference
2X Second Team All-Conference

Your professors at Ripon will always ask how your game went. Same is true if you are acting in a play or playing in a concert. If they don't ask about it, that's because they attended the event so they already know.

Even the president of Ripon College rode the bus with our team to one of our games. He sat on our bench and held up cards for what defense we should be in. Later, when I saw him in town, he knew me by name and initiated a conversation with me and my parents. Not many people are able to say that they have casual conversations with the president of their College.

Over the winter holiday break, professors and other families in the community invite our basketball team into their homes for dinner. It’s an awesome tradition and just feels great to get away from campus and feel like a normal person.

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Ripon College athletes are — first and foremost — dedicated and talented students.

A+ Athletes at Ripon College are the norm, not the exception. They understand the value of the student-athlete philosophy and make the most of the opportunities Ripon provides to help them succeed in the classroom and on the courts, on the fields, in the pool and on the trails and tracks.

At Awards Convocation, Jill received the Burton J. Stallard, Class of 1926, Prize in Education, the Senior Mathematics Award, and the Samuel N. Pickard Award. She also was inducted into the Pi Lambda Theta honor society in recognition of her accomplishments in the field of education.

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