Jake Baus

Dedicated. Scientist. Runner.

I grew up on a dairy farm as a first-generation student.

I was surprised how much the professors cared about helping students and working with them to reach their goals. My friends at larger universities couldn't believe I actually had close relationships with my professors. I can literally find them any time of the day in their given department.

Jake's passion for biology allowed him to conduct research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Many students at Ripon have the opportunity to present their own research. Learn more here.

"Being a first-generation student makes college more of an adventure. You’re feeling it out, you get to figure things out by yourself.”

At first it’s jarring. Everybody wants this sense of independence, but it's a shock when you get it and have to figure out what it really means, but it’s amazing to take hold of it and use it.

"I’m looking forward to the adventure of graduate school."

I will be graduating in December of 2017, and I am excited for my future. It will be a whole new world, and I imagine I will feel like a freshman again.