Clinton "CJ" Glover

Activist. Voice. Tutor.

Business is more of a general study because it allows you access to a lot of backup plans. It gives me a different approach to being a lawyer, which is what I aim to be. At Ripon, I like the fact that we’re encouraged to take elective courses outside of our major. It helps you spread your knowledge out. There’s always more than one component to the story.

My professors know I try to relate all my classwork to the real word. They work with me on that. Plus, I can joke with them if necessary, and I appreciate that aspect of our relationships.


Clinton tutors fellow students in business and economics coursework.

"Ripon is a small-scale real world. Ripon has helped me become less ignorant about what goes on in the world.”

I want to help those people who have minimal others on campus like them, and to end the stereotypes. If you change the foundations, you can also change the culture of it.

We hold events that teach you about different types of cultures. We have a multicultural coalition that helps all of the multicultural groups come together. We all try to move forward together.


Clinton has served the Black Student Union in just about every capacity. He has been treasurer, historian, sergeant at arms and vice president and is now serving as president. He is also a member of the Pre-Law Society, LaUunida and Ripon College Feminists. Such involvement outside the classroom, says Clinton, is a necessary part of learning. “It helps create your character. It’s not all about the books. You need those social skills,” he says.

From pre-professional programs to paintball, Ripon College hosts more than 60 student-run clubs and organizations. Students at Ripon are encouraged to lead the programs, supported by the Student Senate’s activity fee. This allows students to collaborate together in conceiving, organizing, marketing and developing unique activities.