Aspen Geheber

Soldier. Artist. Treehugger.

I was super-excited about coming to Ripon College. I was offered more than I ever hoped for – a good scholarship, a foot of snow the day I visited – which I loved – and the opportunity to play soccer. Plus, it’s a beautiful campus. There are a lot of trails, trees on campus, the South Woods and Ceresco Prairie Conservancy. The town is welcoming. I’d never heard of a “bubbler” (drinking fountain) before, and I really was expecting a whole lot more cheese!

My major is undeclared, but I am exploring biology, studio art and German. I love science. It’s always changing. There could be a new discovery every day. My favorite class so far has been Environmental Studies with Samara Hamzé, an adjunct professor. She is enthusiastic and gets people involved. I like the environment, so it coincides with biology.

Being involved in ROTC provides me with a challenge that I love. I have to meet physical fitness standards, and I try to overpass them. My ROTC family is a close-knit and caring group. Outside of training, we get together for pizza parties, watch movies and other fun stuff. If I ever need anything they are there. Going to college with ROTC is a whole lot better experience than just going to college by itself. You get different leadership aspects, communication aspects and learn responsibility. You make friends who will last throughout your lifetime.

Ripon College has enjoyed a long partnership with the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), which combines college courses in military science with extracurricular training sessions to develop students to become Army officers. Upon completion of the program and graduation, cadets who have shown a commitment to Army ROTC are commissioned as second lieutenants (2LT) in the active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

Army ROTC scholarships are offered for four, three and two years. The four-year scholarships are awarded based on merit to U.S. citizens who enter Ripon College as first-year students. The three- and two-year scholarships are awarded to students currently enrolled at Ripon College. There also are scholarships solely for personnel currently enlisted in the National Guard or Reserves.

Ripon College also offers a $5,000 ROTC Enhancement Grant for students expressing interest in ROTC. With the $5,000 ROTC Enhancement Grant, $2,500 is available per semester to first-year students enrolled in Military Science 151 and 152 courses at Ripon. This gives first-year students the opportunity to experience ROTC without obligation prior to applying for scholarships.  The application deadline is February.

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I’ve always loved art, making art.

I am hoping to achieve a Studio Art minor here at Ripon College. I like to make art… I do more realistic stuff and give it to another person. It makes me feel good inside to see their reactions and to know they appreciate what you’re doing for them. It’s nice to give and not necessarily have a reward on the other end.

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"I hope to work in the peace corps. I just want to help others."

There are so many opportunities to get involved at Ripon College. I wanted to sign up for a dozen different clubs, but I had to limit myself. I’ve enjoyed being part of the EcoREPS sustainability group, and I helped on Habitat for Humanity projects in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. It’s giving back in another way.

After graduation, I will be commissioned and serve as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I then hope to work in the Peace Corps. I just want to help others.

In fall 2013, Ripon College launched the Eco-Rep program as a branch of our President’s Sustainability Initiative. This peer-to-peer project has as its aim to foster sustainability within the campus residence halls. As an EcoRep, Aspen has contributed to Ripon’s first-ever “RecycleMania” effort, a new “Dumpster Dive” event, and to an incredibly successful “Spring Cleaning” campaign to reduce the amount of waste during May move-out. Learn more about campus sustainability initiatives.

"I was so excited to get the opportunity to play"

The Red Hawks Women’s Soccer Team first began competitive play in 1986. Since then, the program has had 38 All-Conference performers. Under Head Coach Sam Schroeder, the team has finished the past two seasons (2012, 2013) with a total of 10-wins.