Alana Green

Diplomat. Project Manager. Future Doctor.

“Being involved builds connections and relationships between people.”
“Being involved builds connections and relationships between people.”

It’s hard not to be involved. I like that there are so many activities and so many job opportunities. Ripon gives you so many opportunities to explore what you want to do. It gives you a lot of different options to explore any interests you may have outside of a general major.

I am a member of five different multicultural clubs, including Black Student Union, Cultural Diversity Club, Ripon College Feminists, Queer Straight Alliance and LaUnida.

I play intramural volleyball. That is really fun. I played volleyball in high school, but playing on a varsity team is such a huge time commitment. I didn’t want to take away from my studies. Intramurals definitely fulfills my need to play.

I have on-campus jobs as a baker’s assistant and in the Student Activities Office, as well as on the orientation committee.

"I make connections with everyone and really have a sense of belonging on campus."

What drew me to Ripon College was its acceptance rate to medical school because I’m looking to go to medical school after college. The opportunities Ripon College provides for on-campus research and internships are tremendously beneficial when it comes to consideration for medical schools.  Also, Ripon gives you a chance to explore whatever field you may want to go into and gain experience before you actually step foot into the real world.

I am looking at joining the pre-med club and also doing ride-alongs with the City of Ripon paramedics.


Several students each year gain real-world medical experience through ride-alongs and part-time jobs as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) with the City of Ripon.


“My relationships with my professors are really good.
“My relationships with my professors are really good."

Ripon professors are always understanding about any issues you may have as long as you are willing to speak with them. They are easy to approach because they want you to speak with them.

The science classes require a lot of effort from the student and the professor. As long as you come ready to learn, everything is all right. It can be as easy as you make it.

Ripon College seeks unity amongst its students, faculty and staff through building relationships with its members, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and nationality.

Ripon College values diversity as it is the foundation on which the liberal arts education is built. We promote multiculturalism by providing a safe atmosphere that encourages social activism and inclusivity while providing the tools necessary to mold culturally competent leaders for today’s global society.