During Wisconsin’s winter months, sparkling, white prisms have inspired generations of students to head outdoors to make snow angels; cross country ski; glide down hills on a variety of true and improvised sleds; and pelt suspecting or unsuspecting fellow students with friendly snowball missiles. Share in the wonder of many international students who are experiencing snow for the first time. In downtown Ripon, a walking tour of stately old homes is offered by the Ripon Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Dickens of a Christmas and tour of homes decorated for the holiday season lend a joyous time for townspeople and campus residents alike.

Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing locations

  • Mecan River Outfitters (Princeton)
  • Northwestern Trail (Ripon)
  • Stott Wetlands Trail and Ceresco Prairie Conservatory (Ripon College)
  • Mascoutin Valley Trail (Berlin)
  • Green Lake Conference Center (Green Lake)
  • Heidel House Resort (Green Lake)
  • Tuscumbia Country Club (Green Lake)
  • Winnebago County Community Park (Oshkosh)
  • Coughlin Community Natural Area (Oshkosh)

Sledding Hills

  • Sadoff Fields (Ripon College)
  • Zobel Park (Green Lake)
  • Buttermilk Creek Park (Fond du Lac)
  • Garbage Hill (Oshkosh)
  • Sunburst (Kewaskum)

Ice Skating Rinks

  • Village Green Ice Skating Rink (Ripon/Ripon College)
  • Village Green Ice Hockey Rink (Ripon/Ripon College)
  • Deacon Mills Park Ice Skating Rink (Green Lake)
  • Heidel House Resort (Green Lake)