Young Americans for Freedom

Ripon College encourages students to voice their opinions in the political atmosphere, locally and nationally.  Whether you favor the red, blue or even green, it is easy to find an organization for you.

Numerous alumni have served or serve in every branch of government.  Gail Gitcho ’01 serves as communications director for the Republican Governors Association. Brandon Lorenz ’02 is the regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Ripon’s Center for Politics and the People promotes constructive debate and discourse and is located in the city of Ripon, the historic birthplace of the Republican party.The Center hosts several guest lectures annually, including Major of Milwaukee Tom Barrett, State Senator-District 7 Chris Larson and United States Senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson.

Ripon’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom is the campus’ group for conservatives. It’s goal is to bring students together to advocate for the ideas of limited government, individual freedom, free enterprise, traditional values and a strong national defense. Members of this organization have hosted many events and brought various speakers to campus.