An undergraduate preparation for a career in law does not require the study of a specific body of courses. The American Bar Association recently published a statement emphasizing that no particular field of study is the best way to prepare for law school.

They endorsed Ripon’s approach to preparing for law school: emphasizing the development of skills necessary for success in the profession.

Law schools demand that pre-law training at the undergraduate level center on intellectual development in four areas: the capacity to write clear and precise analytical prose, the capacity to think logically at a pragmatic level, the capacity to articulate ideas clearly in oral expression, and an understanding of the role of institutions in society.

While many other schools also have pre-law programs, pre-law students likely will find features of a Ripon education distinctly advantageous. Most of Ripon’s courses strongly emphasize analytical writing, which builds the particular writing skills sought by law schools.

When applying to Ripon College, qualified applicants who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and juris doctor degree can now take advantage of Ripon’s Pre-Law Scholars Program with Marquette University Law School. This unique 3-plus-3 program places qualified students on a fast-track program to earn their law degree one year sooner.

Ripon Pre-Law Scholars who have met all requirements will be able to apply to Marquette University during their junior year or after completing 95 credits at Ripon. Those who are admitted will move directly into Marquette’s law program.

Scholars will then have two additional years of law school at Marquette before receiving their juris doctor degree from Marquette Law School, all in six total years, saving students a full year of college tuition.