Phi Kappa Pi

On April 17, 1920, a group of Ripon College men formally banded together as Phi Kappa Pi with three ideals: scholarship, participation in college activities and decent conduct. Conversations between two of the founding members led them to think of the organization more as a men’s fraternity with primary interest in scholastic achievement.

In the summer of 1920, the fraternity secured residence in a house adjacent to campus. In this building hung a portrait of William E. Merriman, Ripon College’s first president. The building was called Merriman, and the group soon became known as Merriman Club. For 20 years, through times of economic prosperity and the Great Depression, Merriman Club remained housed in this building.

In 1939, Ripon began building new residence halls for men, and a new building was constructed for the fraternity on Congress Street and took on the name of Merriman House. In the fall of 2010, the Phi Kappa Pi fraternity relocated to East Anderson Hall, one of the four Quad residence halls on campus.