Interested students should elect a well-rounded group of courses with an emphasis on English, history, economics, communication, and politics and government.  A self-designed major in journalism is also available When choosing a major, students should anticipate the probable area of journalistic specialization, such as science reporting or performing arts criticism. Practical journalistic experience may be ob­tained by working on the staff of the campus newspaper, radio station, yearbook, literary magazine, or office of marketing and communications. Experience may also be obtained at the local cable access channel located in downtown Ripon. A semester or summer internship with a newspaper, radio station, or television network is highly recommended. A student who goes from Ripon into specialized training at a school of journalism may, by previous arrangement, qualify for a degree from Ripon and from the school of journalism provided that the student completes three years at Ripon, the distribution requirements, and a ma­jor.