Ripon College offers a major and minor in Chemistry. Modern chemistry is the study of matter and its transformations. Our department presents the theory, concepts, and laboratory experiences of chemistry in an intimate environment that allows for the personal professional development of students through both individual and team based approaches. The department’s program is framed within the liberal arts model where we consider multiple perspectives to enhance our understanding of phenomena. Throughout the chemistry curriculum, students advance in their problem solving, critical thinking, laboratory safety, communication, and ethical skills and become prepared for careers as productive scientists and for lives as responsible citizens. An undergraduate degree in chemistry can lead to a career in agricultural chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, geochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, materials science, physical chemistry, education, polymer chemistry, healthcare and other sales and communications fields.

Alumni of our program are enrolled in a variety of graduate-level programs at some of the nation’s most prestigious research universities.