Business Management

Ripon College offers a major and minor in Business Management and minors in entrepreneurship and nonprofit management. Many of our students self-design majors in specific sub-disciplines, such as accounting or marketing. Some combine interests in other curricular areas to form personalized majors, such as arts management, sports marketing, or international business. Ripon College has a tradition of student-community partnerships, and as a business management student you will have no shortage of opportunities for real-world learning as part of team-based and live consulting projects with local businesses as well as a plethora of service learning and leadership opportunities with local nonprofits. The business management program prepares students for socially responsible business leadership in careers and volunteer settings. The traditional liberal arts, combined with service learning, internship, and small group and community interactions produce creative, globally aware, articulate and ethical managers. An undergraduate degree in business management can be a path to careers in management, sales, human resource management, insurance, banking, real estate and risk. Alumni of our program are also pursuing MBA or other related graduate degree after gaining work experience to reach the highest levels of business management.