Ripon College offers a major and minor in Anthropology. Anthropology studies the human experience in a broad framework of time, space, biology and culture. The global, comparative, and holistic approach equips the student with intellectual and practical tools for understanding the past and contemporary world systems.

Anthropology emphasizes the study of human biological and cultural evo­lution and uses a holistic and comparative approach in the study of cultural diversity. Regardless of your career goals, a demonstrated anthropological emphasis (in the form of a major, a double major in another department, or a minor) indicates a commitment to diversity and intercultural communication. Anthropology and archaeology offer exciting career opportunities for the student interested in travel, social justice and working with people. Anthropology courses are also fundamental to a well-rounded teaching degree in broad social studies certification. Anthropology can lead to careers in research and teaching in university and museum settings. More often it provides a background for further work in other disciplines of the social sciences, humanities, and biological sciences, as well as for professional careers in government, business, law, medicine, social services, and other fields. Recent graduates have taken many paths, including graduate school programs in archaeology, cultural anthropology, public policy, public health, Native American studies, and museum studies; and careers as museum curators, social workers, college and university professors, and public school teachers.