All because of Globalization: The Imperative of Intercultural literacy

The rapid globalization of the world has forced upon us the necessity to communicate efficiently across cultures. The goal of this course is to increase our sensitivity to other cultures, an awareness of our own, and our understanding of how communication differs across cultures. The challenges born out of intercultural interactions and about how to mitigate them will also be explored. In this course, we will take a look at intercultural communication with the increasing globalization of the world. Globalization may be defined in several ways. Whether it is defined through economic, financial, political, or technological lenses, intercultural communication is a crucial attribute of an increasingly interdependent world. Together, we will explore these questions: What is the role of intercultural communication in the context of globalization? How do we become competent in intercultural communication? Why is it that through intercultural communication some nations come to terms with crisis on the one hand? On the other, why can’t other nations solve their differences through dialog?