Professor Skip Wittler

The Ripon College campus community is committed to environmental sustainability in ways large and small. We understand that creating a sustainable campus as well as showing and promoting a healthy relationship between people, land and food should be among the core values that guide how we live, teach, research, serve and make decisions.

Thanks to student organizations such as the Environmental Group of Ripon (EGOR), the Ripon Outdoors Club, Ducks Unlimited, and the introduction of our innovative EcoReps program, students with a passion for environmental causes have a strong peer group and a voice on campus that collectively makes a difference from the residence halls to the top of the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy and back again.

EGOR has established a 100-percent student-run campus garden and programs focused on recycling everything from batteries and cellphones to shampoo bottles and cosmetics containers. The spring semester of 2014 saw the introduction of Ripon’s first on-campus composting system.

Ripon students have taken a leading role in changing the world around them.

Kaitlyn Welzen ’15, Sodexo sustainability intern, led the effort to change Ripon city ordinance and allow the Ripon College campus to compost a significant percentage of its own solid waste. She also learned how to build a “hoop house” (a type of greenhouse) and spearheaded the project to build one on the Ripon campus near the new compost bins.

Liz Walsh ’14 introduced and has cared for a honey bee population on the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy. These honey bees will continue to help pollinate our beautiful prairie flora and also supply honey to our dining hall thanks to newly crowned apiarist Raymond Allen ’16.

Mamadou Toure ’14 designed a Living Green theme floor as part of an internship with Residence Life. This eco-friendly group of students in Anderson Hall focused on ways of conserving energy and water.

Our extensive recycling initiatives are widely apparent on campus. Samara Hamzé, adjunct instructor of environmental studies and coordinator of the President’s Sustainability Initiative, together with students participated in Recyclemania, an eight-week competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs. Ripon ranked 60th out of 332 campuses nationwide; and second in Wisconsin for pounds of recycling per capita.