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Ripon College is widely recognized as an institution that fosters student research and scholarship. We’d like to think this tradition is a major reason why our students excel so quickly upon graduating.

Our intentionally small size and 100-percent dedication to undergraduate education allows faculty the flexibility necessary to connect with you as mentors, teachers, collaborators and colleagues.

Ripon College students working with faculty in chemistry and biology have contributed to major research undertakings sponsored by the National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society and more, and have had their work featured in Nature Protocols Exchange and other publications. Their work has extraordinary variety, everything from the process of creating new biodegradable plastics to exploring the energy potential of a termite’s gut.

Students in the humanities regularly travel to literature, classics, drama, politics and government and other conferences to present the work they have undertaken at Ripon College. Over the past year alone, a number of students have had their work published, and a group of history majors even had a book published in 2014.